MCA from IGNOU - Planning for MS on H4

Hi ,

I have completed BCA(3 years) + MCA(2 Years) from IGNOU in India, I am on H4 and planning to pursue MS in Computer Scince or MIS

Do I have to appear for GRE & TOEFL both?

Do I have to get the recommendation letter from Professor, is there anyone who has collected this from IGNOU ever for education in US, if yes how you managed.?

Do I have to take 36 Credit Hour or it might be less since I have stidied most of the courses?

Yes, if you are applying to a good school in USA, you would need to take TOEFL and GRE. There are some schools that do not require GRE, but again, they may not be the best.

It varies by school, some require recommendation letters, some do not. You can talk to the graudate school and get waiver for the same explaining your situation.

You would be required to take most of the credits in MS because schools require that you study in US. They may waive you for pre-requisites if you done any, but usually they do NOT waive your graduate school courses.