MBA from India, with J2 EAD - what are my best career options in USA?

I am currently finishing my MBA and I am placed in in a leading housing related bank as credit appraisor. My fiance is training to be a physician in USA and he is on a j1 visa

I am interested in knowing about my job prospects in HR if I come with 1-.1.5 years work experience? I will have the J2 visa EAD. I am happy to join initially as a volunteer to bridge my gap and then go on for jobs.

Another option I thought was MS in Human resource management which is technically 1 year course on full time, that will be an add on to my MBA from India. Will that increase my chances of securing a job? I understand its always the network, connections and luck but I want to make sure I am going on the right path. Though I would like to join a job withouit having to go through the studying process again, I am willing to study to strengthen my prospects

Does J2 EAD give any added advantage to find a job or intern position? I am pretty sure I wont need H1 sponsorship until 2020 when my husband finishes training.

Hope to see your reply soon. thank you for your time and effort in maintaining this website