Max duration inside USfor L1 Ext /COS question


I am working on L1 status right now and I have two questions:

1.) My initial L1 visa stamping was done for three years in India, out of which first years I didn’t utilized my L1, second year I was in US only for two months on L1 and then Whole of third year I was in US there after an extension was applied while I was in US and that holds my stay good till October 2013 (2 Years Ext.).

Total I will be completing around 3 years inside US, but if I see my duration starting from VISA stamping will be 5 years, Can I apply for further extension?

2.) If I want to apply for COS will I need orignal degree/experience documents? because I did a mistake that I didn’t carry any ecucational/experience related original documents from India. I do have scanned copies thoughg.


  1. You can spend at most 5 years on L-1 and only the time spent inside US is counted towards this.

  2. Originals are not submitted to USCIS for COS purpose. Photocopies should be sufficient. If you are going for H-1, then you will have to check w/ education evaluation agency if they require originals (if applicable, your employer would know).