Masters in Hospital Administration


I'm getting married to a girl with below qualifications( Indian degrees)

[b]1.[/b] BACHELOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPY (BPT) - 4 years + 6 months internship

[b]2. Master in [/b]Hospital Administration - 2 years

She's currently working in Dell Healthcare medical devices domain in bangalore. Wanted to know how are the job opputunities with this qualifications in USA? Good / Bad? Does she need to take up any qualification course / test for her indian degrees to be valid here?

Please reply if you've any idea towards this. Thank you in advance.



This is a great combination for the US job market. You can never go wrong with healthcare, it is a mature growth industry. To know more, visit the Federal government supported website

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University.;