Masters H1B didn't go thru & missing 1-yr completion with firm by 2 weeks. What r the options of a 2-week OPT extension?

My wife started work on Jan 6th 2014 and her OPT expires on Dec 20, 2014. So essentially she is missing one year completion with the parent company by 2 weeks to be eligible for an intra-company transfer to Canada. Are there any options that we can explore with USCIS to extend the OPT by two weeks to complete one year so that way she becomes eligible for an intra-company transfer. Can they make an exception?

She was also a co-op program associate with the company for nearly 6 months from Jun '13 to Dec '13 before she started full-time in Jan’14. Can they make an exception on this basis and count the co-op time towards full-time?

Also, as an FYI she is not a STEM student.

Really looking for some good recommendations here. Thanks in advance!

In my view, if the degree does not fall under STEM category, it is very hard to get 2 month extension. I have not heard of USCIS doing exceptions like these as it is a very specific case affecting only one individual and not common. From USCIS perspective, if they start to give exceptions, there are whole lot of people that they will have to entertain, so they may not unless it is rule.

Working on Co-op does not help much to extend OPT. It is best to talk to the DSO or attorney and seek advice.

Did you get an answer to this?