Married name change while on F-1 + transition to OPT

I changed my name due to marriage on my SSN and my passport. I have a valid F-1 untill 2019. I am currently graduating soon and will be transitioning into an OPT. My current visa has my maiden name on it while my OPT and passport will have my married name. If I leave the country, will I have re-entry issues?

Since I am graduating, I will not be able to apply for a new F-1. Is there a way to apply for an amendment in my current visa to reflect the name change?




If you got your name changed on passport in the US through Indian consulate, did they give you a new passport or make changes in the old one which also has your visa? It is usually enough to carry a photocopy of previous passport, to establish identity but produce it only when asked. There will be no reentry issues.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar,