Marriage before or after h1b petition approval

My application for H1b COS petition USCIS got filed in end of May, 2020 and my OPT expires during first week of September 2020 which is before October 1 when H1b starts. Her opt also expires during end of september and she would also apply for stem-opt/cap-gap like me.

I am planning to marry in US in July/August/ early September and my fiancée (who works for other company) also got her H1B lottery picked-up this time and her H1B COS petition application is also filed recently. Do we need to modify the current H1B application petition due to marriage / changed married status? What if I get approval before marriage and if she gets approval after marriage. We both has filed martial status single in petition data collected by Fragomen.

We don’t want to apply H4 for any of us as both got H1B selected and would like to continue with separate H1B application. Also I would be able to go back to India only in 2021 seeing the COVID scenario for stamping, during the stamping what is the process and would marriage status change affect it?

Also do you have any recommendation. Does change in martial status affect cap-gap/ stem-opt application?

You were single at the time the application was filed. That’s what should matter. No need to modify and hardly this should be brought up during stamping. Focus on the preparations and enjoy your wedding. Congratulations on your marriage and getting picked up in the lottery!