Magnific it consulting fraud - Beware

I filled H1B Petition through Magnific IT Consulting for FY2018 but unfortunately I was become victim like many others. They not even proceeded my application and not even filed LCA.

They tried to convey LCA was rejected due to company auditing issue. I paid them 4 lac 6 thousand and I lost 26k for LCA filings (150$) and 250$ their proceeding fees.

I request others don’t loose your money with this shit Magnific IT consulting, they are simply fraud.

Rajesh is director of this company and his friend Dileep who is in US as he say proceeds H1B. They both are well prepared what to say how to hold money for longer period in order to earn interest with our amount.

Please do not loose your money with these fraud people.

magnificitconsulting com

They will provide you screen shot of last year filing and check details of others, don’t believe on any kind of documents.

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Hi girish,

we proccesed your application finally US company people are not forwading any applications so that we tried to refund the amount to your account in respected time registration fee 250$ which is not refundable you agreed for some reasons employer unable to process we explained everything we refunded 380000 to your account.
you dont have time to come and meet without seeing your face we take up the application and it fails we return back your amount unnecessariliy dont write wrong reviews
it wont impact you it will impact my company 25000 is the charges bared by the employer not for magnific .you better understand and dont write wrong reviews not only for magnific for any company you agreed everything and finally writing negative reviews imact a lot for us its very bad on you girish being a graduate.

250$ deducted for what kind of process? Which is not even initiated? As per policy you supposed to file LCA first and then H1B application. But you said due to auditing issues company not agreed to file LCA. Who’s fault was this? Mine? (do you think any one can believe such fake story, obviously not. You should provide valid company response to candidate as a proof)

If process failed at first point because of your/companies problem you supposed to refund all amount.

250$ isn’t less amount. Do you think that I paid 4,06000rs for your try attempt ?

I sent you number of mails for the same concern and never get any single response from you and you are replying here almost 2 year later?

Like me you looted other candidates which were in contact with me to get refund. For every candidate you had unique stories.

My review is enough to prove your Totally FAKE… And no more people going to file any kind of VISA from your FAKE consultancy.

any update on your case? have you got your money? any other sites where we can put our H1B victim and help others to save money from such companies. like now beware of Vijay Anand for H1B fraud.