Made mistake in length of stay in US . Is this a big problem ?


I have made a mistake while filling DS 160 form . I am already living in US. i am going to India now for stamping for the first time after I got my H1B visa.

Length of stay in US – instead of 34 months. I have filled it as 24 months. This was a typo error and realized after submitting . Is this a big problem ?

Should I fill up new application ? Or I can explain myself during interview ?

Send an email to consulate saying that a mistake was noted in your form while filling, you would like to correct it if there is any option.

Print this email and have a copy with you while going for the interview.

If there is any reference of this mistake, you can prove that you have attempted to fix it before even going for the interview.


Thanks for your reply. I had called customer care and spoke to 3 different people. They said we need to retrive the application and fill a new DS 160 . We need to take this during our visa interview and during first day of Bio Metrics they will update their system with the new DS 160 !

This is a standard process.

Many thanks for your follow up updates. This really helps the other folks on this forum. Please post the contact number/email that you have contacted for this.