M1 Visa expired (old school) New i20 (new school) Please help

Please can someone provide any advice on this situation.

I’m a British citizen currently studying in the USA.

I applied for and received an M1 visa for a pilot school in Florida last October.
The visa was for a flight school and says it expired 31st June in my passport.
I changed flight school before I entered the USA and they provided me with an i20 until 31st August 2019.
As this is expiring soon, they have provided me with a new i20 until February 2020, but I must leave and re-enter the USA.
My question is, do I need to re-apply for another visa using this new i20?
This is going to be hugely inconvenient as I’ll have to go home to the UK and go through the hassle of visiting the London embassy etc, and not a simple flight to the Bahamas go re-enter the USA.

Any advice is hugely appreciated.

You need a valid visa in passport to re-enter US on M1. Looking at your situation, your original visa was until June 31st, so you need a valid visa stamp to re-enter US again on M1.
So, if you travel out, you need to use new I-20 and get Visa stamping done.