M.Sc biotechnology but working in IT industry with 5+ yrs Exp, can apply for h1b visa?


I’ve done M.Sc in Biotechnology (regular) and having 5+ yrs of IT industry exp, Am I eligible for h1b ? would I face any issues ?

M.Sc - regular

gap b/w education and 1st employment - 3.5 yrs

IT industry exp - 5.3 yrs Unix & storage admin

PLease advise me…

Thanks you.


What was your Bachelors? Was it B.Sc 3 years regular?

yep… B.Sc - 3 yrs regular (biotech, botany & chem)

You look qualified based on 3+2 years of education. However, it is utmost important for the employer to get education evaluation done in your case as degree was not a 4 year college degree, and was not in Comp Sc field.

You will have to submit detailed experience letters showing how you qualify for the offered H-1 position.

thanks for info , saurabh