M.S in computer science direct after B.Tech Or after work experience?

Hi. I have less % in my B.E Computer science, 50%. I am confused whether I do M.S in USA or I simply start my job in India as a software developer? And maybe after some work experience, I should go for MS in USA? Is it possible to direct get a job there if I have some sufficient and good work experience in India? If yes, How? Simply, I wanna go USA, but don’t wanna do MS and also want salary just like after MS. Suggestions Please. :slight_smile:

Well, you should not pursue MS just to land in America. You have other options to move to US and work there. Read this article : Goals for MS in USA

You may consider working for an MNC and then position yourself to work on-site in US. Once you land in US, then you are free to pursue your options.