Lost the JOB during H1B visa extension procedure


My first H1B expired on August 2021 and my employer applied for an H1B extension. The first H1B extension got rejected due to the employer check being bounced and the attorney refiled the H1B case within 10 days and made a request to resubmit the H1B extension application to uscis. In January 2022, I got covid and was not able to work at office, my employer terminate me from work and applied for H1b revoke. In my current condition, what should I do?
( Note: Current status on uscis shows H1b extension in progress.)

If the H1B was withdrawn, your extension application will eventually be denied.

You have 60 days grace period to find a new H1B job/employer and file cap-exempt H1B before the grace period expires. You can do premium processing for the H1B so it can get approved in 15 days.

If above is not possible, you will need to leave the country once the grace period is over.