Lost passport with F1 visa, now on OPT - Is it okay to travel to get new F1 visa stamped?

Earlier this year my bag having my passport with an F1 visa was stolen. I graduated in May 2017 and am currently working for an employer on F1-OPT. I wish to travel back home to get a new F1 visa stamped. Has any one been in this situation before? Or know of possible risks involved, like being denied one?Thank you!

It can be very tricky with the stamping, because they need to give you visa for technically working in US and not studying, so that’s the trick. I have not seen many go through stamping for OPT. It has its own risk.

Hi akshata I’m in a similar situation. Did you go back to get it stamped? Or did you apply for OPt extension? Please let me know.
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