Lost Passport FIR copy

Hi Friends,

Greetings and I Hope every one is doing great at your places.

I have got my h1b visa in last year cap. my query is, i lost my passport in 2007 and got the new one in the year 2012 producing all the relevant documents.Since i have 2 passports, I have my old passport xerox copy but at the visa stamping interview will they ask me the police FIR copy which i used to take my new passport? I don’t have the same with me now. I kindly request to provide your inputs to proceed.

Waiting for your response. Thanks in advance all of you


Shiva Ram

Regardless of your other uses of passport, its always safe for you to file a police report after losing your passport. Your lost passport may be used for illegal activities for which you are responsible(at least you may run into problems). To avoid clean out of any such issues, better file police report first and get an FIR copy and keep it with you.

Now regarding your lost passport, since it doesnt have a visa stamped in it, you are OK for your interview.