Lost job on H1, planning to re-enter on current F1

I was working on H1 since Oct 2012 and lost my job in Nov 2012. I am back in India now as I did not want to stay in the US without any status. I took admission in a good university and received the I-20. I have already paid the SEVIS fee for the new I-20. My current F1 visa (from previous univ) is valid for 2 more yrs.

My question is: Can I re-enter the US on F1 without any problems , or will I need to go for F1 visa stamping again?

Please help. Thanks

I don’t think you can use the old school’s visa stamp for an entry to new school. However, you can check w/ your DSO or sudeeptravels might know.

Thanks Saurabh . I was reading on the US government website and got confused: please see their answer to question 2L:

Does that apply to me or is it only for people who were working on OPT?


Your case looks more complicated as you moved to H-1 in b/w and then moving back to F-1. Did you get a chance to talk to attorney/DSO about this?

I have booked a date for my F1 visa interview. From what I have understood from all the inputs from different online sources (including avvo.com) , my F1 status(and visa) became void as soon as I went on H1 status. So the fact that the US consulate gives us a 5 yr F1 visa, it does not mean that it will be valid for 5 yrs no matter what. It will be valid only as long as we maintain F1 status at the same university AND THE SAME PROGRAM.

Thank you all for your help.

Good luck w/ the stamping.