LOST I797- Travel with Soft Copy


I have a Valid H1B, Planning to travel to US next month. But i lost my I797 Original. Can i travel with I797 Soft Copy? Will there be any issue at POE? How long will it take to get duplicate I797? I heard duplicate I797 will take couple of months, but i need to travel next month. Please help .

I think it should be ok. They can look-up in their system to confirm that it is the real 797.

I am visiting US for the first time. Should it be fine to go with a soft copy. I have read somewhere Original I797 is mandatory at POE.

You can confirm w/ your attorney about it as well. But IMO, having a copy is fine as they can always look it up in their system to validate it.

Thanks for the advice Saurabh

Hi Krish

Were you able to travel to us on soft copy?

I am in the same situation.



I found my original 797 before i travel.

Hello Umesh,

Now I am in the same situation.
Is it possible to travel using the soft copy?


Hi Vadiraj,

I found my I797 before travelling.