Lost I797 B. Still eligible for Cap exempt H1B?

I had an H1B which was valid from 2006 to 2009. I got the same extended till 2012. Out of six years I could stay in the US only for 2 years. Now I realise that the latest I797 has been lost but I have the personal record section with me, as well as the scanned copy. Am I eligible for cap exempt H1B? I am travelling on H4 this month end and am planning to work if I could get H1B. Thanks!

hi i am also in similar situation, i had H1B valid visa from year 2012 to 2013 from a company A but i didnt travel during that period. Now i am working in a B company, here i am trying to transfer my H1B visa since approved petition within 6 years period.

But i have lost my original I-797B document or i dont remember my employer A gave that to me.

Can i apply for transfer without Original I-797B? but i have scanned copy of same

what are the documents are required to get duplicate copy of I-797B ?

Please help