LOST F1 visa, are there any chances of rejection of restamping

Hi I am on F1 visa. presently pursuing MS in CS. I lost my passport and got a new one. to my fortunate I got new passport in 3 weeks, now I am planing to go INDIA for restamping. Are there any chances of rejection of VISA. please help me out if anyone of you have exprienced this

You should not have any problem, carry required documents and proof that you are currently pursuing your degree.

thanks for the reply.
Actually, I have transferred univ after 1st sem. i.e., the name of the univ on Lost Visa is different from the univ which I am pursuing. Also, I may be graduating in the month of december(this year) most probably.will that create any problem.

It is advisable to get it stamped before you graduate. You cannot get a F1 visa stamped in India when you are in your OPT period.

It does not matter if you have transferred, you need to take the latest I-20 and other documents related to your current university for the interview. Your new F1 visa will be for the current university you are studying.

ya I am going to INDIA this july itself for visa stamping as i will be graduating this december.
thanks alot

Hey, Did you go for stamping finally? Please share you experiences. Thanks!

yes i got visa.

Great. Congratulations. Can you please give me your details. If you dont mind, can i contact you through phone? I would like to know your experience. Really appreciate your help.

Hello everyone. Im in a same situation waiting for my new passport and planning to leave India in december. May i know the process of booking slot. Can i do it on my own?