looking suggestions for H1B visa 2014

Hi saurabh…

My company is going to file petition for H1B for 2014.

I have completed near about 10 years in the industry.

I have some queries.

Firstly, My previously 2 companies were closed due to recession. I am currently attached around 6 years with my current company. Did it matters that my previous companies closed?

Secondly, I have completed my masters in Information technology in 2006. But still not received a DEGREE. I have a letter which stating that I have applied for my DEGREE . letter issued 2006 itself by my college.

And I have done my bachelors in 2 streams, (commerce and Information Technology(BSC.IT), BSC.IT which I have completed recently 2012.

So my question is do I need to mention both bachelor degree or the latest one(BSC.IT)?

  1. No, it doesn’t

  2. You should mention all degrees. In addition, you should get your degrees and marksheets evaluated by an education equivalency agency in US. They will determine whether you have equivalent of US Bachelor’s or not. If you fall short, then you will need to show relevant work experience (3 years of work ex for each missing year)

thanks saurabh for your reply.
one more concern… you have mentioned
“you should get your degrees and marksheets evaluated by an education equivalency agency in US”… how may i process for this? i mean where i could get this type of agency?

There are education evaluation agencies in US. If your employer/attorney has hired one in the past they will know who to contact, else they can search for them online. Once they have decided the agency, they will send copy (or originals) of your degrees, marksheets etc to that agency who will then issue the equivalency certificate. This will then be submitted along w/ your H-1 petition.

saurabh… is education evaluated is mandatory for H1B? i heard that is depend on case to case

When the person education is not directly related to the field of work, it is better to get the education evaluation done. In addition, it should be done when the education is done from a college not renowned to USCIS. That is why lot of companies prefer to err on the side of caution and get it done.

Your employer can still take the chance of having it filed w/o the evaluation. Based on their review, USCIS can decide to issue RFE for education evaluation or just approve it (as you have 10 years of relevant experience). You and employer can handle it at that point of time.