Looking for NIE letter specifically for Dropbox appointment


I have my dropbox appointment in Sep, 2021 and I qualify under NIE category. I found many examples of NIE letter’s where people have stamped visa’s and they have applied NIE just for travel. Is there any example of NIE letter which has been applied prior to dropbox appointments / with expired visa details. Just wanted to know if visa number field required in the NIE letter can contain the expired VISA details. Also wanted to check if there is any difference in format.

Appreciate any help on this!

The format is more or less the same.

Thanks Kalpesh for the quick response! I had gone through the same article to view the sample letters before but couldnt find what I was looking for.

My Visa is expired, should I mention the expired Visa details in NIE request letter?
Also, my last visa was issued from Chennai consulate but I have my dropbox appointment in Delhi consulate. Any idea whom should I email the NIE request? Chennai or Delhi?


Include the NIE letter with other documents you submit for dropbox appointment.

Ok. Thanks again. I was assuming that I needed a NIE email approval prior to my appointment. I will just attach the letter along with other documents.


Can you please tell me if we need to submit the NIE confirmation from consulate while dropping off documents at dropbox appointment. I have an appointment for dropbox on August 17th 2021 but does not have NIE confirmation from consulate. Also, heard we can only apply from India and cannot apply NIE from USA.

You need to get NIE letter from your employer or you can prepare one yourself and include that with other documents that you will submit for dropbox appointment.

Thank you Kalpesh for the response. Yes my employer is providing me an NIE letter that I will submit. I don’t need to submit it in an email before my appointment to US consulate and get a NIE confirmation right? I am confused as some people are saying that.

Just make sure you include the letter in the document you submit for dropbox. If the receiving person says no need, please dont believe them and firmly insist that you want to include the NIE letter along with other documents.

Sounds good. Thank you!

Hello Suhasini, could you please share your stamping experience? Hopefully all went fine.