Looking for jobs with a non-US Bachelors degree whilst studying on F-1 Visa

Hi all,

I am in US on a B2 visa and i intend to change my status to F-1 and pursue an associate degree in IT (Software Development). I already have a Bachelors in Engineering and i have plans to also search for engineering opportunities and apply for jobs whilst studying for an associate degree in IT.

  1. Am i allowed to look for a job using my Bachelors degree obtained outside US whilst enrolled in a US college for an associate degree? OR must i complete my college program before i could look for job?

  2. If i am allowed to look for job with my non-US Bachelors degree and i have employers that are willing to offer me a job, would they be able to file for H1B visa for me considering the fact that i wouldn’t have completed the college degree that i would be pursuing in US on an F-1 visa?

  3. If I am able to secure a job, would it be possible to switch from being a full-time student to a part-time student or studying online if such options are available on the program?

Please i need your advice/thoughts.

Many thanks


  1. If the school issues you CPT or pre-completion OPT, then you can work on that while enlisted in school. However, you should adhere to CPT guidelines while working.

  2. They can apply H-1 for you even when you haven’t completed your graduation on F-1. You will have to apply in non-advanced degree quota as don’t have any Masters degree from US.

  3. When you move to H-1 visa status, you can continue studying part-time as long as you are able to satisfy H-1 commitments and school allows part time studies.

Hi Every one, If you did ms, or another degree in USA that is no matter. After education JOB is matter right?

Please check below link then you can understand: