Looking for I-94 extention process


My L-1 petition end date on FEB-20-2014 (PED)
L-1 Visa issued date on APR-27-2011
L-1 B Visa expiration on FEB-20-2014

I admitted to the United State first time on MAY-01-2011 and I got I-94 period up to 02-14-2014.

Second admitted to the United States on JUN-01-2013 and I got I-94 period up to 02-20-2014.

[b]CBP’s IFM Section 15.4:[/b]

[b]Terms of admission:[/b] If the alien is otherwise admissible as an individual L-1, admit for validity of petition (up to 3 years initially). If the alien is otherwise admissible as a Blanket L-1, initially admit for 3 years, regardless of the expiration date of the petition, provided the petition is valid at the time of the initial admission. If the alien is seeking readmission as a Blanket L-1, the Blanket Petition is still valid, and the alien is otherwise admissible, admit for an additional three years regardless of the balance of the time left on the original admission. (IN01-06)

1. As per above rule, is there any way to get I-94 extention?
2. Is there any otherway to stay back here other than L-1 visa extention apply?

Thank you.