Looking for H1b Sponsors

Hi All,

I’m from India with valid H1b visa and I’ve 6+ years of experience in Manual Testing looking for visa transfer sponsors.

So please help me on this,Thanks in advance!

Are you in USA looking for H4 to H1 … there are lot of companies which will help you… try with myjobsvisa.com to find the companies…


No I’m in India…I’ve the visa looking to transfer.


There are many stages you need to consider before taking decision for US Visa.

Find Employer

Discuss whether you are going to pay or they will do everything.

Have all the documents clear (means proper docs)

Emlpoyer Applies Visa
Lottery system

your petition should be selected in lottery

Petition approval by USCIS (ensure client letter and your employer document should be perfect)

Visa stamping

Travel to US

Find a client for Manual testing with the good pay rate.
Lot of factors for getting the job, Location, cost of living for the location.

How much client will provide you and how much your employer give you.


It is not easy as we see away from India. there are n number of unforeseen challenges ahead. Your skillset yield more sophisticated life.

Hi Shiny, Actually I’ve the visa stamped and I’m looking for H1b transfer.

Sounds good, you have crossed half a milestone :slight_smile:

Find a job who can do H1 Transfer. you need to again go for stamping after H1 Transfer petition is approved. (Note: Client letter is important while going for stamping)

Travel to US, and join the client.

I strongly recommend you to learn and specific tool before applying for jobs. For manual testing, the pay rate would be 45$ ot 50$, which your employer will get it.

Sure,Do you know any genuine consultants for H1b transfer?