Looking for h1 sponsorship.. Confirming the validity of a sponsor

I am currently on h4 since last oct. I read about this complany next level business services inc and they claim that they can sponsor the visa this fiscal showing the vendor letter fir inhouse project. Has anyone ever heard about them. I have been working in US since 2010, willitbe anywhere helpful in acceptance of the petition?? Please suggest

You mentioned that you have been working in US since 2010. Was that on H-1? If yes, then you don’t need to go through the cap again. This may not help w/ this specific employer, but you approach bigger employers and work for them as FTE, and they can file H-1 for you along w/ COS in PP.

Lot of big companies shy away from filing H-1s for people on H-4 as they will have to wait for 6 months. But if you have a previously approved H-1, then that concern gets addressed.

Thanks Saurabh… I wason l2 ead till last oct and unfortunately didnt make to the cap last year… This particular sponsor is ready to file as he has some inhouse implementation projects… M just wondering about the acceptance rate

USCIS and consulates have started that companies use in-house projects to skip client/project information. So they can ask for justification i.e. how you will earn revenue for them while working on this in-house project.

If you will be working on a product then they can ask for product’s market research, sale price, competitors etc.

If you will be working on implementation, then they can ask how company will have funds to pay you as you will not be a billable or a core resource for them.

Is this in-house project a sham or do they really have something for you to work in-house? Be careful when going this route.