long term after getting h1b ...green card stopped for indians

Hi saurabh/all I need a guidance that h1b is valid for 3yr only or u may extend 3 more years So what is long term scope after 6 yr max we can stay so whatis bbenefit at last we have come back to home country Also I came to know that USCIS have stoped to give green card to some country and india is in list from 2014…year So guide me and share or inputs

You can stay for at most 6 years inside US on H-1. In order to stay beyond that you have following options:

  • leave US for 1 year and file a cap-subject H-1 petition

  • have an employer file GC for you such that either labor and I-140 is approved or pending for more than 365 days when your 6 year limit is reached

There is no news that India has been barred from GC filing and processing