Location change when 7th year H1b extension in progress

Hi all,

I recently got my I-140 approved. With that approval, I have applied for H1 Extension + H4 Extn + H4 EAD with location A. Now my client has asked me to relocate to different state B.

Questions are:

  1. Can I put a new application for LCA update and location amendment when already a extension is in progress for current location A? (Q1)
    Why I am asking is, new LCA posting takes about 10 days. Within that time I will get the approval for the H1 extension as it is applied in premium. Once the new LCA is approved, H1 amendment can be filed. Please guide me on this.

  2. If Yes to (Q1), Would that impact the current extn & EAD processing?

I would suggest applying for amendment with new LCA once your current EOS is approved.

H4/EAD can keep processing as far as primary H1B is in status, no impact due to H1b amendment