Lied about working on opt but no job yet.been 5 months

Hi I am in opt.i want to convert to h4 by marrying my bf who is on h1. I have lied about working on opt.injust provided any company to my school because I didn’t get it’s been 2 month since I grace period was over 3 months ago.if I apply for h4 do u think they will ask for pay slips. Pease reply ASAP. Also I am going back to school next month.then my opt will automatically I will be back on f1.let me know

To move to H-4, you will have to file COS from F-1 to H-4 which requires showing that you are maintaining legal status on F-1. This means you need to submit payslips to show that you didn’t stay unemployed for more than 90 days. So yes, payslips can be asked for.

Thanks for answering.but if I cancel my opt by going to school,then I don’t have to work .i just have to be full time u think they an still ask pay slips.