Legal issues with H1B pettion in case you are not going stamping with them.

Dear Saurabh/All,

Here is my case :

In 2015 ,I had applied H1B Visa from multiple employers( ABC and XYZ). Both the petitions got selected at that time.

But i went for stamping with “XYZ” employer and my visa got stamped . Now ABC is sending emails to go for stamping as they don’t know that my visa has got stamped with XYZ.

Sometimes , they are(ABC) sending emails , that if i will not go for stamping immediately , they will take appropriate action . I want to understand the legal actions involved on it and what kind of actions they are referring.

The only action they can take is to ask USCIS to withdraw their own petition. Did you sign any contract w/ them?

i have signed a contract letter with them but i am not sure about the details. I guess the contract was for 1 year job agreement with them. i will re check it.

Does it going to implications on my current H1B visa ??

It doesn’t impact the other approved petition that you have.