Left out masters Course Due to personal issues H1b Interview


What would be answer if VO asks for explanation for why I did not complete my Masters in UK and has a Student Visa in My passport.
I had already submitted my documents to the employer in USA he did not return any thing.will he be taking time or else am I not suitable for the position ??

When actually all my documents should reach USCIS ?and how long do they take time ? And then how long for the approval?

Also I have seen in many queries that after H1B is approved I can’t leave US within a week of its approval? Should I need to wait till October and then leave US ?if my employer is in hurry what might be the situation ??

Please lemme know as I am a bit tensed with the situations that are taking place around me and the queries I am getting at present.

Santosh Pisipati

You should always answer truthfully.

Petition should be filed while the cap is still open. Processing can take 2-6 months under regular processing and 15 calendar days under premium processing. If RFE is issued then it can take longer.

Are you inside US or outside US?

I am presently outside USA and in India