Leapfrog- after h1b effective date- and L2 EAD wife necessary to travel?

Hello experts,

I got my L1B to H1 COS approved on 29 oct 2013 and my H1 effective date is also the same. I want to work with my L1B employer for 4-5 months and I found out going out of the country and re-entering on L1B will put me back to L1B status and I can continue with my L1B employer.

I have 2 questions :

  1. If I travel out of the country (Mexico) on 13 Nov 2013 and re-enter on 14 Nov 2013, will there be any issues at POE? Like why I was in the country from 29 oct to 13 Nov without any status, or will they ask me anything about why I want to void COS by re-entering?
  2. My wife’s H4 was never applied, so she is technically out of status too, is it necessary for her to travel along with me to be back in L2 status or I can travel alone and be on L1B again and she anyways will be on L2.

Please suggest, as I beleive I am already out of status and dont want to enter into any further complications.

Thanks in advance !

Saurabh and Team,
Could someone please reply to these questions. Its very urgent.