LCA has wrong address

Hi Kumar,
My petition got approved 1 month back, But now got to know my LCA address is wrong (Instead of 6 st, my mgr mentioned 5 st. Zip,state all are fine). Can you pls help me what would be the next step to correct it? Whether the LCA address update is sufficient or H1B amendment also required?
Pls reply me and Thanking you in Advance!!!


I had heard that as long as the county is the same, you do not need to file a updated LCA. Do a little research and get consultation from a lawyer

Hello @Saumendra80,
According to USDOL, If the employee works within the 50 Miles radius from LCA address mentioned that will not create any problem, In your case just LCA address update is required there is no requirement of H1B Amendment. Its very simple and common problem and easy to fix, Ask your employer to do so. take care.

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My employer has posted a Commutable distance posting. Thank you

Sounds good. Best of luck.