LCA filing and LCA amendment cost to employer?

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Just wanted to confirm.

As the first step of an H1B is to file an LCA, is there a fee which an employer has to pay to the DOL?
My employer mentioned that everytime you get a project in a different state you have to re-file the LCA for that state and its wages. This is called LCA amendment. And as per my employer each time the LCA is amended it costs 8000 USD. Is this correct?

Can you please confirm?

There is no fee for filing an LCA. You can also confirm this by calling or writing the DOL of the state where your LCA is going.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmailDOTcom

thanks for your reply Shankar, Can you also please confirm if there is an LCA Amendment fee?

There is no LCA amendment fees. The attorney may charge a fee but it shouldn’t be 8000 bucks.

Following LCA amendment, H-1 needs to be amended, which would require its own fees.

Hi Saurabh,
Thanks for your reply.
At least now I can confront my employer and ask him to show me evidence of LCA fees which he is claiming do exist.

You mentioned following the LCA amendment the H1B will need to be amended, can you please let me know if an employee changes states 3 times with the same employer, for different projects, his LCA will be amended thrice. Does this mean The H1B will also need to be amended 3 times?

Approx how much does H1B amendment cost?

It costs $405 for H-1 amendment - Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition | USCIS

LCA is approved for particular location. If the location changes, then new LCA needs to be applied followed by H-1 amendment. So in your example, it needs to be amended thrice.

Thanks, so now I can challenge the employer if he mentions about a cost for LCA amendment v/s H1B amendment

Yes, ask him to show where it says that 8K needs to be spent just on LCA amendment.

did they say why 8k for filing it? my company lawyer says 4k for filing lca amendment :frowning: