LCA details for business systems analyst

I have 6 years of experience as business systems analyst and a master’s degree in computer science from Arizona State University.

I got my extn denied and now I’m in india.My employer is doing Cap Exempt and is trying to apply again.
What should my LCA job title and SOC title be?
What should the wage level be?


It all depends on the job they have for you, location of the job, and prevailing wage in that location. The best thing to do is work with a good attorney and sort it out.

We don’t have an attorney and my company does not allow to have one.
Does anyone know what job title I can use?

Anyone knows what job title to use for my LCA?

I’m a business systems analyst.

Job title in LCA depends on the job description…Usually attorneys work on these things and suggest the best one. I highly recommend you work with an attorney and file it to avoid issues and RFEs.