LCA/Client Letter Change after RFE. Need urgent suggestion

Hey Guys…Need some urgent advice. An employer in USA (XYZ) filed my H1 this year and I got an RFE regarding “Right to Control”. After RFE, I came to know that They have filed a very complicated petition which is a classical case for denial either at the petition stage or rejection at the Embassy window.

They have shown that XYZ=>ABC=>DEF=>CLIENT…Four layers (Would you believe it ?)

Well, after the RFE,even if my employer can get more additional evidences and get an approval, I am not gonna let this happen as its 90% risky at the time of stamping.

I have got a new client for me in the meanwhile and that is a legit client who is willing to do all the documentation and also provide client letter if required. so the new model will be


This will require change of LCA (location is different) as well as Work?purchase orders and Master Service Agreement.

So, please suggest if the second option is safe as I don’t see a risk of rejection at the window if this gets through and the petition is approved. I have to revet to RFE in a week’s time so, I would really appreciate advice from people who had a similar experience and if they has a success in this.

Change in LCA is not a good idea when the petition is pending. This could result in another kind of denial that the original petition is no longer applicable. Change in LCA requires change in I-129, which is not recommended while the petition is pending.

Hey what happened did you submit the changed client and LCA