LCA Certification during Shutdown

Hi Saurabh,

I have an H1B Visa. My employer wants me to a location other than that of my H1B and so he posted a LCA on 23rd of Sept and filed it with DOL on 25th of Sept. However I have not recieved certified LCA yet as DOL taked a week to 10 days for it. Meanwhile this shutdown thing happened on 1st Oct.

Now, I need to travel asap. Do you think it is possible to get certified LCA any time soon? Is thr any way out?

Looking forward to a quick response from you!

Best Regards,


Hi Romeo,

A lot of H1-b guys have similar issues - so here’s the answer:

As long as the US government shutdown continues, the Dept of Labor (DOL) which issues LCAs will not work and hence no fresh LCAs are being processed currently until further notice. A lot of guys in my company are facing the same issue but at this point in time we can only wait. Hope that solves your query.