LCA and travel

Dear Sir,

I have H1B Visa valid till Sep 2014 with LCA1 (I have worked there for an year) and currently in India,

  1. my Employeer has posted a new LCA2 for me, but the client dropped the oppertunity and i was not able to travel.

My Previous client- LCA1 has an oppertunity now and asking me to travel. Can I travel with LCA1 or do I need to post a new LCA3?

  1. My H1B Visa is valid only for next 90 days, Can I travel now and initate H1B extension from client location?

Is there any rule(time period) to apply for Normal Visa extension, or do I have to go for premium processing?

Thank you for your service and help.

Best Regards,


I am not entirely aware of LCA procurement, so someone else would answer your Q1.

As far as H1B Visa extension is concerned, Yes, you can file for an extension from Client location in the US. As you have only 90 days left, it is better to file it under Premium Processing…