LCA amendment for location change?

Hi team,

I am currently working for a client from the client location for the last five months. Now they are planning to move the location of our office. This will not change my roles or responsibilities. In fact we are just moving to a new building just streets away (5 miles) from the current one. This is because the lease on our current building is expiring. In this case do I need to amend both my LCA and H1B or just LCA?

I am planning to visit India in April and I will have to go for stamping.

Please advise.


The location has more to do with city not the street address. USCIS needs to know which city you would be working in, so that it can judge whether your salary is at par with the prevailing wages in that metropolitan area. For example, California is significantly expensive than Texas.

So, I don’t think you need LCA amendment. But, I don’t know for sure.

I agree w/ dPat’s answer. However, you should check w/ your attorney as well.