Layoff and new empl filing H1 transfer before 60 day grace, and filing another one after 60 day for another employer


I was laid off in first week of Jan 2021 with company A on h1b (valid through oct 2022).
It triggered 60 days grace period
Found another employer B in Feb 2021 and they fled my LCA in Feb 2021 3rd week and was approved in fourth week of Feb 2021.
H1 transfer filed by company B and reached to USCIS on 1st Mar 2021 before a week of my 60 day grace period.
This got me back in to status and I am no longer subjected to grace period.
I am considering other employers too.
Do you think they if they file h1transfer after March 2021 2nd week , what are chances I get approval and risks involved ? Anyone in same situation please share your experiences.
Please can anyone advice me asap?

Anyone can advise me on this?

If you can wait (meaning not joining the new employer) till the H1B transfer is approved then you are not at any risk. Remember you can do premium processing and get a decision in 15 days.