Lay off on L1 visa.But H1B approved - starts in October

Hello everyone,

I am currently on L1 visa but this year my employer filed a H1B application and it has been approved. I can however only start H1B after 1st October.

In the meanwhile, I suspect that I might be laid off from my employer. which means my L1 visa will get cancelled. If I am laid off, I will have a gap of about 2 months before I can start H1B status (with a new employer). Here are my questions:

1. Can I stay in the US and look for other jobs after getting lay off , on L1 status? My I-94 has mid next year date.

if yes, then for how long? Can this be 2 months atleast?

2. If not, then what should i do to buy more time in the US so that I stay here till oct 1 and the new employer can transfer my H1B?

Very unlikely that company will go for L1B revoke(not heard of such cases) even if they go for it , will take atleast 6 months time. But make sure You have all the pay stubs and no gap in jobs. If unfortunately loss of job go back to home country and come back on H1B stamped( Very very Unlikely case).