law against workin more than 40hr/week or 8/day on h1B


my question is can an employer force or make an h1b visa holder to work more than 8hr/day or 40/week?

although the limit is not mentioned on offer letter or LCA but still want to know if there any laws by DOL which safguard the h1b employee.


to add to it the client is billed 40hrs only.

i searched net by couldnt find a definite answer. would appreciate if anybody can help.

Please assist.

Well, if it is the rule for everyone in your company, then can apply to you as wel. There should not be any discrimination for H1B worker.

Here is what it says on [DOL website:](


WORKING CONDITIONS: Your employer must

provide you with working conditions on the same basis

and criteria as provided to similarly employed U.S.

workers (such as hours, shifts, vacations, and 

seniority-based benefits).  NOTICE:  Your employer

must provide you with a copy of the Labor Condition