Last date for filing H1B from company A..currently in L1B from company B


what is the last date for filing H1B from company A for starting to work from Oct 2013? am currently in L1B from company B valid til 2015??

Also i would lik to know

  1. whether my H1 B processing can be kept anonymous from company B?

  2. Can I resign my job from company B while am in USA to join company A?

  3. If not, if I have to return to india for resigning my old job, do I need to get any stamping done for H1B from India?

many thanks!!!

You can apply till there is quota(65K for bachelor degree holders, additional 20K for masters degree holders) left. There is no last date as such, if the quota is still left after October 1st then you can still apply.

  1. Yes employer B won’t know about it

  2. You can resign and join A from the start date mentioned in the approved petition. But check your company’s policies about resignation while still in US

  3. If you have to travel back for any reason you will need to get the H1 stamped from the consulate