Last date for either accepting or rejecting h1b visa?

Mine was filed on 10 of June, still in initial review phase, What is the last date by which I’ll come to know weather my visa is accepted or rejected Also what are the changes of getting visa Will it come under cap count

Well, I believe, you are asking about your petition being accepted or rejected, not the visa. The rejection of petition can happen at 2 stages -

  1. At the time of submission. If the petition is incomplete, petition fee not paid in full, signatures or mandatory documents missing, etc. That will happen within 2-3 weeks after petition is submitted. If you had got your receipt number (you must have, because it is given within 2-3 weeks for normal processing), then it means your petition has been already taken into consideration.

  2. At the time of processing. If USCIS thinks the petition does not have enough information, it may issue RFE (request for evidence). If your employer does not answer RFE in time or USCIS is not happy with the RFE answer, then it may reject the petition. It may happen at any time of processing. Typically, a petition is approved within 5 months.

what is the last date for processing all the h1b visa