Laid-off while PERM approval pending

Hi, I am working for company A , they filed my PERM in March’22 (waiting for approval), I am maxing out (6 years)in Feb’23. Recently, my Company had group lay-offs including me & gave me 60 days notice.
Now what happens to my pending PERM?? Do they revoke PERM immediately or they will wait for that 60 days notice??
I am expecting I will get approval of PERM within this notice period . And if it gets approved, then can i convince my current employer to file I-140 in premium processing, so that i can use that approval notice with my (future) employer B to extend my visa
Thanks in advance!

This question should be directed to HR. Generally, employers dont care to withdraw I-140 once filed or after it is approved and the employee is laid off or leaves, however it just depends on the employer’s policy.

Sure you can.

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