Laid off while H1-b extension filed


I have filed for H1-B extension (I-140 approved) after completing six years on H1-b. The H1-b extension application did not have a client letter and unfortunately I also lost the job at the client site.

I am nervous about getting RFE for H1-b extension application and also about my options at this time.

I am looking for a new client job with the same primary employer with whom I have filed for H1-b extension.

Do I need to make any changes to my application for H1-b extension, incase I get a new client job?

Any help/suggention/advise at this time will be highly appreciated.



Yes, a new LCA (for the new location) needs to accompany the extension. The job decription in the filed H-1 extension may also need to be changed b/c of this.

When is your current I-94 expiring?

Hello Saurabh,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Good news is that, I got a new job in the same city that I was working in with my last client. In that case, do I need to submit new LCA with the already filed H1-b extension application?

I was reading from an online source where it was mentioned that : if you get a new job within the same metropolis or within 35 mile distance area from your earlier client location, then it is not mandatory to submit any amendment to H1-b application.

I have received new LCA from new client though. My I-94 expires at the end of this year.

Thanks again for your reply. I really appreciate it.