Laid off, H1B transfer with new employer approved. Do I need a new entry stamp?

Hi All,

I was working for a Fortune 500 company A from January 2017 and my visa stamp is valid until August 2021. I was laid off in October 2020 due to a slow economy. After searching, I got 2 job offers. Company B, a desi consultancy and company C, a direct employer. Both filed transfer petitions under premium processing and both went into RFE. I started with company B with the receipt notice at client location since their start date was earlier and it was close to my location. On February 15, my petition with employer C got approved with valid I94 and extension of stay until 2023. So I quit company B and joined with company C. On March 10, I was told the petition submitted by company B was rejected.

1.I want to know if I have maintained my status or out of status in any point during this transition?
2. Once travel resumes should I travel outside the country to Canada/Mexico and get a new entry stamp/I94 arrival record to be on the safer end?
3. Will there be any problem in future stamping applications for having a work history with employer B since their petition was rejected after starting employment.

You are good. Nothing to worry.

So it is okay to have multiple firms submitting transfer petitions and have them be pending at the same time?