Laid in f1 opt to h1b transfer. please help

My Case:

Jan-20-2015 OPT Start Date
April-01-2015 H1b Filed
Aug-10-2015 H1b Approved; On August 10, 2015, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.
Sept-24-2015 Termination of Active Employment/Last day work,Pay and benefits Continuation for 10 weeks
Oct-01-2015 H1B Start Date
Dec-03-2015 Termination Date of Pay Continuation; Employer will file H1b Revoke Application
Jan-19-2016 OPT End date

Will I get the H1b status? If I gets H1B status, how much time it will be valid? Will I be out of status because of termination? I am not in active employment on 1st Oct.

If I will not get H1b, will I get the OPT back? My change of status will be on 1st Oct.

If new employer files regular h1b transfer on 05 oct can i still get the continuation payment till dec 12/03/2015? Can new employer do premium processing for h1b transfer in midweek of nov?

Attaching Snapshot of the termination Letter. Friends, please help.