Labor Market Test found qualified us worker

Hi All!

I have I140 approved with my ex-employer. Last year my current employer started PERM processing. Recently they informed me that Labor Market test yielded qualified and willing US worker. So they could not file PERM.

Did any one have faced this issue?

How did situation got resolved in your case?

What are my options?

Thanks In Advance!


They have to wait for 6 months and again start the process.

Hi Saurabh!
Thank you for the comment!

  1. Will they start with recruitment or they have to re-do prevailing wages as well?
  2. Does it happen often?
  3. usually what things they do differently next time?
  4. Will it have any effect on my H1b extension?


  1. PWD has a validity date, I am not sure what it is. After that, PWD needs to be done again.
  2. It happens especially when the job has requirements which are easily available in the market.
  3. The job requirements cannot be tailored to your qualifications, but it is better to be as detailed as possible.
  4. No impact on H-1 extension

Hi VG4,

Does the second attempt passed?