L2S work authorization

"I have a query about my spouse’s (L2) work authorization. I have had my visa approved until 2027, but my wife’s visa and I94 are expiring in April 2024.


  1. Is it possible for my spouse (L2) to work if the I-539 is in process?
  2. Do I need to apply for work authorization (I-765) separately after my I-539 is approved? to start back work again?

L2 I-94 attached to the I-797 approval notice is the work authorization, no need for EAD for L2. If you file the L2 extension of status before the current expires, L2 is eligible for automatic extension and can keep working while extension of status application is being processed.

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thank you. is there any restriction for L2S to work for one employer/?
actually, my spouse on L2S is working on full time. and also want to do a part time in evening (not a conflict to full time) can do? do you have any USCIS reference allowing?

L2 EAD has no limitations on type or number of employment.