L2 visa re entry? after cos from L2 to H1B

can i re enter on L2 visa stamp as long as L1 employee is working for the concerned L1 employer? even i did the cos to H1 while i am on US from L2 to H1B now i don’t want to go for stamping,so can i re enter by using old L2 valid stamp visa?

no need to go for L2 stamping again?it won’t be problem for port of entry?


Yes, you can enter on your L-2 visa as long as L-1 visa holder is maintaining the L-1 status. It doesn’t matter if your COS to H-1 was approved in the past.

I am responding to your post on my wall here (please post all follow-up questions here and not on my wall as it is easy to keep track here).

  1. You can enter on L-2 visa stamp as your L-1 holder is maintaining status

  2. You can work until validity period of current EAD card

  3. You can use the old visa stamp as it has not expired yet

  4. None that I can think of. You can also talk to your L-1 attorney.